War at Last

‘War at Last’ is the story of someone who, being tired of his own quiet life, starts digging in his family’s history in order to give his own life a deeper and more dramatic meaning. Gradually he becomes more and more obsessed with his recently deceased aunt, whose last traces are on the verge of being irretrievably erased.

‘War at Last is a subtle parody of all post-war war literature.’ de Volkskrant
‘War at Last is a book with a headstrong protagonist who, with all his fears and thoughts, quickly wins over the reader. The images are beautiful and powerful. The book’s whimsicality is a large part of its charm.’ Elsevier
Koch’s writing style is a rare combination of exuberance and understatement. What he describes is so understated and low-key it never becomes superficial.’ NRC Handelsblad
‘War at Last is a light-hearted story about ordinary people, told with humour and empathy.’ Leeuwarder Courant
‘While reading, you get caught up in the double-mesh nets of Herman’s actions and illusions.’ Trouw
‘Koch's novel is notable not only for its original story but also its style. Every sentence is precise and considered. The writer’s humour is different than usual: he chooses the path of whining, moaning and nagging.’ Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant


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