Thinking of Bruce Kennedy

In Thinking of Bruce Kennedy, Koch describes the appeal of a glamorous existence, the certainties of an artistic elite, and the value of an ordinary life.

In Thinking of Bruce Kennedy Mirjam Wenger spends a week alone in southern Spain. Her life with director Bernhard and their two children is wearing her down and she has had enough of the Amsterdam artists’ scene. In her hotel she meets Bruce Kennedy, an older but still world-famous American film star. Despite his age and drinking problem, Mirjam feels irresistibly attracted to him. Does she try to seduce him to have a great story to tell her friends back home, or is she looking for an escape from Dutch mediocrity?

Thinking of Bruce Kennedy
‘Thinking of Bruce Kennedy shows us Koch at his best.’ Vrij Nederland
‘Koch has outdone himself. His heroine is beautiful, tragic and believable.’ De Groene Amsterdammer
‘Koch has put it all ingeniously together. His humour is as restrained as his style. A powerful novel, without cannonballs whizzing past your ears. And yet the ending will keep ringing in your head long after you have finished reading it.’ Het Parool


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Thinking of Bruce Kennedy