Summer House with Swimming pool

If you take the law into your own hands, be careful not to burn them. Doctor Marc Schlosser has made a medical error causing the death of one of his patients, the famous actor Ralph Meier. He will have to appear before the Medical Disciplinary Tribunal, but he is not particularly concerned: ‘A few months’ suspension, that’s what it’ll come down to. We all know each other, so it won’t go any further than that.’

But is it really a medical error? For Marc had a score to settle with this patient, who showed just a little too much interest in his beautiful wife Caroline. And what happened during the holiday when Marc and his family shared a summerhouse with Ralph Meier?

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Koch takes us beneath the surface of everyday life and into the murky waters of life-altering decisions. You may not like what the summer house guests choose to do, but you’ll probably see a little of yourself in all of them in what could be the most talked-about book of the summer.’CHICAGO TRIBUNE
'Gripping and disturbing and unexpected. [Koch] spares no one, least of all his readers.’HERALD SUN
‘Summer House with Swimming Pool is perfectly constructed and written with obvious pleasure.’BOEK
‘After the resounding success of The Dinner , Herman Koch comes with a new novel, Summer House with Swimming Pool, in which moral issues are tackled in a delightful fashion.’RED
‘Fast, satirical and with a rock–solid plot.’METRO


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